Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Late Start

This blog is late getting started.  Very late.
I "resolved" 12 days ago on New Year's to create a blog as a record for the year I decided to do some Kooky running things.  

Like 1) Run 13 races in 2013, 2) Run 2013 kilometers in 2013, 3) Finish at least one half-marathon in 2 hours and 13 minutes (a 7 minute PR), and 4) Run a Marathon before my 40th B-day in October.  OMG...40!!  

This can't be happening this year!!

Since I can't really do anything about that, I'll just focus on all the really, ridiculous running things I will now have to do this year.

Don't get me wrong, I love running.  Probably too much for someone who runs as slow as I do.  
Only I would set a goal to run more instead of run faster...I'll save that for NEXT year. 

Now on to today....

Marlon, my sometimes running partner and the man I "convinced" to make my running goals his this year, made an awesome pot of coffee this that man!  

Saturday mornings at our house are not complete without Migas...including the "Black Sensation" avocados I found at my fave German grocery.  heh, sensation...I couldn't resist!

Breakfast was a hit and literally inhaled in 5 not judge me but I unconsciously shovel my food into my mouth after a run. It's not a pretty sight.  At least my food looked good for a few minutes!

Not really wanting to, but 3 hours after my run, two cups of coffee later, & breakfast while watching Latin Lifestyles on AFN, I probably should go shower.

It's a perfect day to just lay here though...and I can't bear to take off my warm socks.  'Cause yeah, I ran in two pair today.  The yellow were just too cute not to run in but not warm enough for today's -2 C snowy, weather.  So I added a "base layer" and wore the yellow on top.  

Cause I'm Kooky.  (I will regret this later when I have more laundry to do.)

Help me! 

How do you keep your feet warm & stylish while running?

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