Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Route & First Race News!

What a week and it's only Wednesday! 
Marlon has been sick.  He missed our long run together on Sunday but he was with me in spirit as I tried out a new 10 mile route. It was a beautiful, snowy day.

I decided I would run out to a new location 10 miles away and then call & ask Marlon to pick me up.

I was happy to find an Avia -- this will surely be a stop when I get to the way longer runs in my Marathon training. A potty stop!

I saw these guys along the way.
The route was beautiful with the last part taking me thru snow covered forest trails.  LOVE this part of Germany with all the amazing trails.

I ended up at this spot...More trails & marked ones especially for Nordic-Walking which is very popular here.  I've decided to try these trails out before the month is up.  But reaching these trail heads also meant my 10 miler was over. 

I called Marlon  to pick me up & he arrived some minutes later with a banana & hot mug of tea.  Yes!!
Perfect end to a perfect run! 

Counting down the days to my first race of 2013.  Just 3 days to go before I line up to run the Gran Canaria Half-Marathon. Just a little excited & nervous as I will be doing this one without Marlon -- by myself.

And now it's back to packing...will update with race news.  

Have you run your first race of 2013 yet?  Where & when?

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  1. no races for me, but hopefully you can inspire me to at least run!